An Explanatory Look at Incinerator Online Slot

The theme of this slot is space. However this isn’t the usual space oriented slot theme, with the exception being that instead of flying through space the objective is to collect space junk that will then be incinerated and turned into a valuable resource. The premise is rather unique, but makes more sense during the game as the reels become overwhelmed with cascading symbols that keep falling until no more wins are hit. These also add Wilds to the reels the longer they go, increasing the chances of winning along the way. Makes one think of this Incinerator slot from Yggdrasil gaming as an economies of scale enterprise that makes more for less with a rapid growth.

Yggdrasil Gaming Slot’s Appearance and Style

The theme maybe unique but online slots in today’s market need to be more than just unique. Incinerator slot from Yggdrasil gaming accentuates the theme it is portraying by including some appropriate sound effects, animations and quirky reel symbols to build up the playing atmosphere.

Upon the reels players will find the symbols of various forms of space debris, these look rather futuristic but can still win like other reel symbols. The gameplay or spinning is where this slot differs from most. Instead of the usual spin the symbols drop down from above to land on the reels. The reason for this display becomes apparent when the cascading feature of Incinerator slot is detailed.

As far as betting is concerned, this fixed 20 pay line casino slot has minimal range, with the coin size the only choice. This still offers a decent selection but the idea behind this slot is that the small bets and wins, or space trash, can be the real winners.

Exploding, Cascading Symbols and Additional Wilds

This slot does have a standard Wild that will appear throughout the base game to substitute for other game symbols and help to form some winning combinations.


However what makes this 5 reel Incinerator slot interesting is that the winning symbols after each spin explode. This makes for a rather dramatic experience but more importantly this begins the cascading feature. Exploded symbols are replaced by other symbols that cascade down onto the reels after a win. If more wins are formed through this the process continues, until no more wins are hit.

This gets progressively more exciting and more lucrative as every 3rd occurrence of this cascading event, in a row, unlocks a Wild symbol for the reels and makes the chance of hitting another win even more likely. This feature can stack up to an impressive 6 Wilds, and even though this is rare, the wins potentially generated from this can be quite impressive. Especially because these cascading events occur after a spin and so without an additional bet having to be made.

Conclusion of Incinerator Slot from Yggdrasil Gaming

This game may not include the widest range of bets like in some pokies or the most mind blowing wins but the cascading feature is fun and can net some decent, recurring smaller wins. Overall another solid performance from Yggdrasil gaming with Incinerator slot.