Having a Quick Look at the Venetian Casino Resort, Macao

Dubbed as an entire city under one roof, The Venetian Casino Resort, Macao, offers accommodation at four different hotels, dozens of eating venues, live shows, many live entertainment venues, and much more.

Located in the heart of what is knows as the Chinese Las Vegas, guests from all walks of life, travelling alone, with friends, or with family, will certainly find lots to do, and much to experience. All the hotels at this venue support an online booking and reservation system. Moe can likewise be learned about the live shows and other entertainment events on the website. For help with a specific query, do not hesitate to contact the website’s customer support centre.

Online Reservations

Guests are welcome to make bookings on The Venetian Casino Resort, Macao, online website. A check in day and check out day must be entered into the appropriate windows, located near the top of the page, after which the check rates button must be clicked. Like options of casino gaming for Canadian players are shown at https://onlinecasinogamesca.com, a list of available rooms will be provided, with related costs clearly displayed. To refine the search to filter out unwanted results, simply use the interface found at the top of the website. Once a room has been decided upon, from any of the available hotels, the reservation can be finalised by clicking the result and providing bank account details. Please keep in mind that once a reservation is made on the website, it is official. If you would like to cancel a reservation, please do so as quickly as possible. Any reservation cancelled that is within close proximity of the due dates may be charged with a standard cancellation fee. This is to avoid the hotel losing out on potential revenue.

Entertainment and Activities

The Venetian Casino Resort, Macao, has a number of live shows, music events, and other activities, varied enough to appeal to guests from all walks of life. You might like to catch one of the award winning musical shows, which feature delightful songs and spectacular performances from international stars. Or perhaps dancing late into the night is more your style, which can be done at the two story nightclub. Or perhaps you are travelling with children, and would rather prefer a round of miniature golf before heading over for a dip in the Olympic size swimming pool. Whatever your preference, there is a venue to cater for it. This is the luxury of an entire city under one roof.

Shopping Spree Central

An indoor city wouldn’t be complete without its own shopping district, and The Venetian Casino Resort, Macao, cannot be accused of not providing. There is a full section of the establishment that provides rows of luxury stores, including souvenir shops, clothing stores, and much more. There are an amazing 650 retailers, all found without ever having to leave the building. It can truly be said that guests are spoilt for choice, more so shopaholics. Take note that guests who are part of the VIP club, and have made more then one trip to the establishment may be given complimentary shopping vouchers. If you think you are due a shopping voucher, visit the VIP section of the website to learn more.