More Details about the Traditional Psychological Casino View

Psychology plays a major role in all forms of marketing. From the packaging of products to draw shoppers to the images that retailers and companies cultivate, everything is calculated to increase sales and promote the products. Casinos are no different. They too simply want to sell more of their product and attract more customers. This is really just plain and simple business. However, because casino play has some negative connotations, and gambling addiction is a thing, the sales, marketing and branding tactics that casinos employ is deemed to be more subversive and, in a way, more underhand than those employed by the manufacturers of babies nappies.

A Successful Campaign Already

At the very start we must acknowledge the incredible and impressive work that casinos have already accomplished. Everyone is fully aware of the fact that the house odds are stacked against the player, and that the house always wins, yet, the gambling industry is one of the few industries that have remained unaffected by any global or regional financial downturn. In fact, there has been solid consistent growth for the past 20 years continuously. They must be doing one heck of a sales job.

Up until recent times, casinos have been sticking fairly rigidly to what worked in the past. They have worked out that the environment they want to create is one where the players are initially strongly drawn into the casino. Once inside, they need to be attracted to the machines or tables and begin playing rather than playing online craps. Having begun playing, the aim is to get the players to spend as much as possible for as long a time as possible. Obviously. What was known to have worked in the past were the standard Las Vegas style and image of a casino.

The Classic Casino View

The traditional casino design that has been effective was the standard image of a casino straight out of the movies. The casino was a windowless room with no way for the players to determine the time, and know how long they had been playing. The ceiling was low and unattractive to keep the players eyes on the machines and retain the fascination or trance they were in. The slots and video poker machines were laid out in a labyrinthine manner to make sure that players effectively got lost, could not see or find the exit, and therefore stayed and played. Bright lights and high beat music was pumped into the casino so that people gambled at an increased rate and tempo, plus played with increased amounts of money.

A Modern Psychological Casino View

After the design team at the Bellagio in Las Vegas first bucked the system and brought in playground, or themed casinos, with a light high ceilinged layout, windows and even some beautiful antique clocks, the psychological casino view that was held so sacred, began to collapse.

Nowadays it is known that simply looking after the players decently, and providing somewhere where there are some restorative capabilities works best. If players have a few seconds respite occasionally they tend to be able to keep going longer. They come back to places where they feel comfortable, is not too crowded, and they see familiar symbols on the reels and tables. Food and drinks certainly help in this respect, as does, apparently, themed casinos. These have proven to be amongst the best psychological casino views of all. Oh, there are some nefarious aspects that remain, and anyone using the toilet or cashing out at a casino will find out that they will have to walk past most of the casino to get there. And quite possibly be lured back.