Weirdest Sports Its Really Possible To Bet On

Ask any group of punters and they’ll all agree that betting on football, horse racing and basketball is where the fun is at. Yes, betting on these sports is not only common but entertaining. However, what about betting on Cornhole or Cow Chip Tossing? Just because a sport is so obscure that hardly anyone has heard of it, that doesn’t make it bad for putting down a few fun wagers.

The fact is that lesser known sports are generally far more favourable when it comes to betting. It also tends to be a great deal more entertaining, given that bettors are largely trying to figure out systems as they learn more about the sport. Here are some obscure sports that have betting communities. Assuming, of course, that a sportsbook is found that accepts the wagers.

Cow Chip Tossing

If you live in Beaver, Oklahoma, you’ve probably got fairly used to dealing with cow dung. After all, there are 16 cows to every human, meaning that cow dung is a part of everyday life. Though, instead of just dealing with cow dung someone eventually decided to turn it into a sport.

In 1970 the World Championship Cow Chip Tossing Contest was born. Contestants lined up to see how far they could throw a dried chip of cow dung. Wouldn’t you know it, as with all sports, locals eventually started putting bets on the outcomes.


Whatever you think Cornhole is right now, you’re probably not thinking that it is a legitimate sport. But yes, Cornhole has been an official sports since 2015. The American Cornhole League created an official app, started offering odds, and even enlisted the Shekou Cornhole Federation from Hong King. The sport involves throwing bags of corn kernels at holes carved into wooden boards. Getting a bag into a hole is 3 points, while hitting the board is 1 point.

Most notably the teams in the League clearly have a good sense of humour. Team names include The Natural Corn Killers, Game Of Throws, and Breaking Bags.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Lastly we have perhaps the most bizarre activity to ever be considered a real sport. At least, it’s seriously considered a real sports in Europe, Canada and the United States. The World Rock Paper Scissor Association has been going strong for years, and only seems to be getting more popular. Plus, with a World Championships now in full swing, it might not be long before the popularity begins to spread.

As far as playing itself is concerned, games happen exactly as would be expected. Contestants step up, make their choice according to a timer, and the victor is the person that scores 3 points first. Before anyone thinks that the game is entirely luck, pro players insist that strategies are psychological. For example, did you know that around 80% of amateur players will choose scissors first? The betting scene for Rock Paper Scissors isn’t on fire at the moment, but that is exactly why many enjoy it as opposed to more popular sports.